Corporate Party Planning

You have the job of organising this year’s corporate party and choosing a caterer can be a hard decision. We are here to help, check out our 5 corporate party catering tips to make sure you choose the best caterer for your corporate party.

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Help & Support.

Your caterers should be experts at event planning and able to give you guidance and support throughout the planning process. Sometimes bending over backwards to ensure the success of your event.


Guests should be impressed by your selected menu, the food at corporate parties is a fundamental element. Your caterer should be able to provide you with a wide selection of catering options to best fit your style of event. Ask them what’s new to their menus, what is trending at the moment?

Dietary Requirements.

At most events there are guests with dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan, check your caterer has a wide selection of alternative options.


What style of corporate party do you wish to hold? This will impact which venue will be most suitable. If you want a cocktail party, is there space for guests to mingle and seating areas? Do you want outside space? Alternatively, if you plan a seated event is there enough room to have all guests seated? This year’s corporate party has to be better than last… is the venue impressive and unique?


How are you going to entertain your guests? Your caterer should have a list of trusted suppliers to contact to arrange a band, DJ, lighting, dance floor etc.

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Griffin Catering & Events are very experienced in corporate catering services & host a wide variety of corporate events at Fremantle Prison and local venues. Call us on (08) 9209 3791 to see how we can help you organise the corporate party of the year!